Vaccine Supply Insufficient For Swine Flu Peak

October May Be the Peak… What to Do?

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet drawing where Pooh thinks that if Piglet sneezes he's dead, in reference to the Swine Flu situation.

THE GENERAL consensus of epidemiologists is that the H1N1 virus, (aka “Swine Flu”) may peak as early as October, well before the typical apex of flu session, January or February. Whatsup with that?!

If you’ve been following this topic, you’ll know that it has been fraught with controversy. There have been questions about the likely severity of this potential pandemic, both in terms of number of people likely infected and the danger of infection. Debate has also focused on the question of whether the cure (vaccination) is worse than the disease.  Many are questioning whether to get vaccinated or not, particularly mother’s concerned for their children — children and the elderly are reportedly the most vulnerable.

So, what to do?

Personally, I never intended to get inoculated, but that’s an easy call to make for me as I rarely get sick, am not in the vulnerable age group, and am in hale health.  Nonetheless, I will seek to strengthen my immune system starting October 1 by increasing my intake of various supplements.

And, if October is the peak month, then it seems that you should do the same, just in case.

Here, I review what the prominent integrative medicine practitioner, Dr. Andrew Weil, has to say about this issue.  To sum it up, he suggests that those who are vulnerable should consider inoculation (although he’s going to wait to see if there are unforeseen negative effects from taking the vaccine before getting vaccinated himself), and that people strengthen their immune systems by taking various supplements, such as the Chinese herb, Astragalus.

Read this informative Q&A with Dr. Weil on the subject.  The supplements under consideration are under at the bottom of this post, with a large selection here as well.

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