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Saturated by Fat and TV News? Get Simple!

the Salt/Sugar/Fat trilogy is the intoxicating recipe to give a fast jolt (yeah, add caffeine to the mix) of brain-soothing dopamine neurotransmitters. It’s a heaping of short-run pleasure. In the case of TV programming, it’s the play to the primal instincts of tribalism — us against them — rather than a search for commonalities and consensus. Modern “food” and media are essentially forms of entertainment; the kind that play to instinctive, but base, attitudes and senses.

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How Depressing is Your Food? And You?

What You Eat Counts! RIGHT NOW, here in my little hamlet just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s steadily raining. November is in full swing, the days grow short, my work is erratic. All this is a potent combination for some depression; at least a tinge, no? Well… actually, I feel great, which is […]

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