Right Haircut for Your Face Shape?

The Right Cut for the Face Shape

IN THIS transparently obeisant genuflection to my female readers, I proffer this summary of a tutorial on getting the right haircut for your face shape.

Of course, I have no expertise in this matter, other than having observed a few women and their hairdos from time to time, and so am wholly reliant on the perceptions of the Fashion + Beauty section of Yahoo’s Shine, upon which the link above references.

The upshot is that you can identify your face shape by measuring it with a tape measure, and then choose the hair style that the experts-in all-things-fashionable say is complimentary.

Have to admit, as a man, I concur with these expert assessments, though it’s possible that the women used to exemplify the perfect combination of hair style to face shape are considerably above pulchritudinous norms, and thus defy dissent.

Update (2/17/10): Seems the examples of face shapes and appropriate hair cuts have been removed from the site I link to above. But there are descriptions, so go there and check it out if you’re so inclined.

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Joe Garma

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  • Petra Henell says:

    Hair loss or thinning hair in women is a quiet subject? Do you know if all face shapes can sport a bald/shaved head?

  • Joe Garma says:

    Petra, let’s face it, hair, make-up, clothes, hats — if wisely chosen, they all can enhance features society deems as desirable, or distract from those undesirable. Take away these artifices and one’s left with a naked face. Nothing to hide behind or enhance.

    Particularly if you’re a woman, a naked head is bold. This person is abandoning carefully programmed norms for what constitutes beauty and acceptance. Nothing of her face or head is hidden or enhanced. Even if every component of her face/head is perfect she defies the norm and will be judged, one way or another. If less than ideal, the judgments won’t be kind.

    In any event, I say “go girl”, should a woman be so bold.

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