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The following information supports ProHealth’s three-part series on mercury detoxification following the Quicksilver Scientific protocol and using their unique Tri-Test and supplement formulations.

In the first two videos, Quicksilver Founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Chris Shay, introduces the Mercury Tri-test and demonstrates why it’s the best mercury test available anywhere.

The next two videos are of a Skype interview with Quicksilver’s compounding pharmacist and herbalist, Chris Turf, that health blogger and ProHealth advocate, Joe Garma, conducted:

  • In the first video, Chris and Joe talk about the different types of mercury, how it gets into us, the harmful effects and how to excrete it.
  • The second video covers Chris’ analysis of Joe’s Tri-Test results and prescribes a course of action for Joe to take to eliminate his mercury load.


Watch Dr. Chris Shade Introduce the Mercury Tri-Test

Mercury expert Dr. Christopher Shade explains why blood, urine and hair are all used to test mercury and excretion pathways. (11:21 duration)



Dr. Shade shows how to read the Quicksilver Scientific Mercury Tri-Test, and goes through several patient test examples. (15:47 duration)



Quicksilver’s Chris Turf Explains Mercury Toxicity and The Tri-Test

Joe Garma interviews compounding pharmacist and herbalist Chris Turf. Because the video recording was done via Skype, the visual quality isn’t great, but you will get a great deal of insights from Chris as he explains:

  • How we become toxic from mercury and other heavy metals.
  • The sources of the mercury that gets absorbed in our bodies.
  • How our natural detoxification pathways try to excrete mercury and other toxins and why this capability is often compromised.
  • Why the Quicksilver Scientific Mercury Tri-Test is the best test for mercury toxicity available.
  • An analysis of Joe Garma’s Tri-Test results and a protocol for him to excrete it.


Chris Turf/Joe Garma Skype Video, Part 1  (22:08 duration)


Topics Covered

1:50  Introduction to Quicksilver Scientific, its Founder, Dr. Shade and organic and inorganic mercury
2:50  How the two forms of mercury act in the body.
3:08  The Quicksilver Mercury Tri-Test, a novel approach using blood, hair and urine.
3:50  Mercury load vs mercury toxicity.
5:50  The body’s detoxification pathways.
6:55  Mercury’s disruption of hormones and immune function.
8:25  Joe’s health issues that lead him to surmising that he had mercury toxicity.
12:37  Mercury and other heavy metals accelerate aging via the reduction of various hormone, such as testosterone, and important antioxidants, such as glutathione.
13:50  How Quicksilver’s Tri-test is different than common mercury/heavy metal tests, and a detailed description of the Quicksilver Detox Cube, containing a protocol and four supplement products.
17:38  What the Nrf2 System is, and how it gets shut-off and thereby compromised detox pathways, making detoxification difficult.
19:05  The complexity in determining causation vs correlation (and amplification) between mercury/heavy metal toxicity and autoimmune disorders.
19:37  The difference between the Detox Cube and the Pre-Tox Box.
20:37  The average time it takes to do a mercury/heavy metal detox.

Links to resources mentioned:

ProHealth’s Quicksilver Products and Tri-Test [link]

Joe Garma’s blog

Chris Turf/Joe Garma Skype Video, Part 2 (21:56 duration)


Topics Covered

0:46  Quick overview of the Tri-Test results emailed to those who take it.
1:21  Chris begins explaining the test components relative to methylmercury (fish), and how my results compare to average test-takers.
3:56  Inorganic mercury (dental amalgams, vaccinations), which can stay in the body and continue its damage long after the source is extracted.
6:59  Detox protocols using chelation should not be done if you still have dental amalgams in your mouth.
7:30  The Huggins Protocol and Biological dentistry.
9:00  Total mercury levels and Joe’s total load.  Most test only test for total mercury. We need to know both the levels of methylmercury and inorganic mercury in order to take the right specific course of action.
11:00  Comparing the mercury levels in blood, hair and urine, Quicksilver can understand a person’s ability to excrete mercury vs accumulating it.
11:29  Urine graph shows inorganic level in blood and what’s being excreted via urine. Shows Joe is not sufficiently moving inorganic mercury out with urine, probably due to the amount of dental amalgam mercury exposure.  He’s accumulating more than he’s excreting.
14:11  Joe can boost his kidney detoxification capabilities with Quicksilver’s Pre-Tox Box.
15:19  Typically, people with mercury issues stemming from dental amalgams or vaccines should begin with the Pre-Tox Box to build up the kidneys before going not to the Detox Box.
16:04  Hair test results looks at methyl mercury and how its excreted from hair. Joe’s methyl mercury level was modest, and he’s not accumulating it, and liver and glutathione system is working well.
18:00  Chris’ suggested mercury excretion protocol for Joe.
20:13  Brief description of Quicksilver’s Blood Metals Panel that shows other heavy metals beyond mercury and if there are sufficient nutrients in one’s body.

Links to resources mentioned:

Dr. Huggins Protocol

G.I. Pre-Tox Box [link]

Quicksilver Blood Metals Panel [link]

Follow Joe’s mercury detoxification journey

Get Rid Of Your Mercury Toxicity!

Now you have an appreciation for how Quicksilver Tri-Test uses blood, hair and urine to test both the total toxic burden on the body, as well as the effectiveness of its excretion capacity.

If you eat a lot of fish, have silver amalgams in your mouth or live in areas with heavy metal pollution of the air and/or water, it’s almost certain that you have too much mercury in your body.

At this point, you can do one of three things:

  1. Get the Tri-Test [link to product] and find out if the mercury in your body is a problem;
  2. Go straight to the Quicksilver detox products, and choose the one most appropriate for you; or
  3. Do nothing, which means that nothing will change.

In the end, your health is in your hands.  Do the research, make the best decisions you can, and act!

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