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144 Kids Die from H1N1 — Tamiflu Stockpile Released

Now this headline is a shocker, intentionally so, because it sets up a perspective that I wish to examine. If your child is among the 144, nothing else matters, particularly context. To everyone else, what’s most disturbing in the headline isn’t the number of deaths, per se, but the mystery.  The unpredictability.  After all, if […]

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Vaccine Supplies, Vaccine Holdouts, Supplements, Big Money and World Domination

Let’s Just Call This A Swine Flu Update HERE, MY attempt is to grab a few H1N1 stories that are indicative of those being told in newspapers, video and the Internet.  There’s something for everyone — for the adamant denier that there’s anything to worry about, and hypochondriac alike. Though I present various opinions, I […]

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Do You Want A Public Option in Health Reform?

Listen to former Labor Secretary, Robert Reich’s Update and Exhortation [youtube][/youtube] THE HOUSE has a pretty good bill with a public option in it, says Mr. Reich, but the Senate’s bill is twisting in the wind, or should I say that arms are being twisted for and against support on the public option. The video […]

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Harvard Creates iPhone Swine Flu App (Video)

Learn What To Do and Keep Abreast of Latest Developments THE NIMBLE programmers of all things iPhone are jumping on the H1N1 (“Swine Flu”) bandwagon with a useful $1.99 Swine Flu Application, which includes videos, animations and text to teach the basics about swine flu, how to reduce its, and how to prepare business for […]

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SuperFreakonomics – Eat Kangaroo! (Video)

Why is walking drunk more dangerous than driving drunk? Why prostitutes are patriotic, particularly in Chicago? Why eating kangaroo can save the planet? And a bunch of other crazy, but evidence-based, stuff from the people of SuperFreakonomics.Watch the video below, and learn more about the book here.

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Senate Finance Committee: “Yes” On Health Bill

Four More Health Bills In Contention LORD KNOWS how it’s going to look when made into law, but one version of America’s health care system overhaul took an unprecedented step forward today when the Senate Finance Committee approved a $829 billion health-care measure that would extend health insurance coverage to an estimated 29 million people. […]

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Keith Olbermann Delivers Hour-Long “Special Comment” On Health Care (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann devoted his entire show tonight to an hour-long “Special Comment” about America’s need for health care reform. Broken up into the five parts, Mr. Olberman delves into: -How health care is a decaying system that fails to take care of our citizens; -How health insurance business models focus more on profit than […]

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Fox News’s Shepard Smith Spars Over Health Care Reform

Corrects Inaccurate Portrayals, Cites Insurance Lobbyist Influence Fox Network, News Anchorman Shepard Smith has not been shy lately in challenging his TV guests about their “facts” and “talking points”. In the video above, he challenges a Senator’s depiction of the “public option” for health care reform.

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Jimmey Kimmel on iPhone Health Care

A Health Care Primer for Apple Hipsters [youtube][/youtube] HAVEN’T BEEN following the trails and tribulations of Congress’s attempt to revamp how American’s get health care? Well, now you can have it sung to you! Comedian Jimmy Kimmel introduces a new iPhone App that let’s President Obama sing a new tune on health care.  “T-Pain” leads […]

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