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Longevity Tips from the World’s Oldest Man

Simple Conceptually, Harder in Practice     ACCORDING TO scientific studies, the most promising way you can increase your longevity is to restrict the calories you consume.  The earliest calorie restriction studies first began a couple of decades ago.  Given that the average lifespan of a human being is relatively long to the humans conducting […]

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Subsidized Taste Buds Ruin Health Care Reform

Agribusiness Subsidies Produce the Food that Makes Us Fat… And Fat Makes Us Chronically Ill. I CONTEND, along with many smarter than me, that nothing can significantly improve the health care system in America if the epidemic of chronic disease linked to diet is not reversed. As Michael Pollen, the Professor of Journalism at UC […]

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86 Year-old Billionaire’s Recipe for Longevity

David Murdock has spent millions of his fortune to discover which foods are the most nutrient dense and healthiest on the planet.  He practices what he preaches: at 86, Murdock enjoys excellent health and expects to live a lot longer. Find out what is his recipe for longevity. (See chart below.) FORBES ESTIMATES David H. […]

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How Sugary Is Your Blood?

Keep The Glucose Spikes Outta Your Blood I GUESS it could be said (cause I’m about to say it) that a good diet is one that accounts for blood sugar (aka “glucose”) control. Controlling blood sugar via your diet necessitates understanding how the carbohydrates you eat effect your blood sugar. Enter the Glycemic Index (“GI”).

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Some Help for Weight Management

  Supplement For An Extra Nudge THERE WAS a time when a certain amount of corpulence was favored by society.  If you were fat it meant that you had enough wealth to eat whilst the peasants were near starving, and accordingly, quite skinny. Oh, if only such antediluvian norms could return.  Just think of how […]

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