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Let’s begin with a spiel about the fella offering all the goodies.

Joe Garma demonstrating mobility

My name is Joe Garma.

For more than 30 years, I’ve learned and tested everything I could that could enable me to live longer, younger, stronger and with more vitality than the average bear.

Despite this effort, I began to get chubby and lose my mojo in my late forties, until I discovered that no matter what other great, healthy things I did — like intermittent fasting, detox cleansing, resistance training, supplementation – they were all worthless until I…

  • Optimized my hormones (particularly testosterone/estrogen, insulin and thyroid);
  • Discovered the right mix of fats, carbs and protein;
  • Controlled blood sugar; and
  • Focused my exercise on multi-joint mobility and high intensity interval training.

Now, in my early 60s (59 in that picture above), I’m lean, strong, flexible and am literally biologically younger than my chronological age. And it all continues to improve.

This site is devoted to teaching you the proven methods that I’ve hammered out through constant experimentation.

Everyday, I curate the latest and best information about how to live a younger, stronger life. I test the potentially best methods on myself, and report the results to you.

If you’d like to look younger, melt some fat, get strong and boost your vitality – well, you’re right where you need to be.

Put your email in the form below and I’ll immediately send you my four-part guide, Transform Your Body and Mind, which includes…

  • How to build new habits.  Whatever is going on in your life now is probably due to habits, good or bad. Bringing something new and good into your life requires new habits.
  • How to begin detoxing and balance your hormones. The first step can be as easy as adding and subtracting a few foods from your diet, and taking a few supplements. A baby born today in America has over 200 chemicals in his/her body.  You do too. These disrupt hormone function and age you.
  • How to better fuel your body. I’ll show you some super nutritious ways to get lean, get energized and build muscle, including my own “Joe’s Tonic”, a morning-time blended drink that will help you start the day with vim and vigor.
  • How to improve your mobility, aerobic capacity and strength. There’s lots of instructional video in here that will put you on the path to become functionally fit fast.

And — let’s not forget — although you won’t get it right away, once you sign-up you’ll also be placed on the list to get the 12 Ageproof Biohacks course, which will teach you effective and actionable methods to become biologically younger.

The goal is to bend your age curve:


Aging curve

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