86 Year-old Billionaire’s Recipe for Longevity

David Murdock has spent millions of his fortune to discover which foods are the most nutrient dense and healthiest on the planet.  He practices what he preaches: at 86, Murdock enjoys excellent health and expects to live a lot longer. Find out what is his recipe for longevity. (See chart below.)

David Murdock and Oprah WinfreyFORBES ESTIMATES David H. Murdock’s net worth to be $3.3 billion, but his true value to you might be his list of 33 of the healthiest foods on earth. that make up a recipe for longevity. (See below.)

After the death of his first wife, Mr. Murdock has been deeply committed to finding a cure for cancer, advancing nutrition and life extension. He established the Dole Nutrition Institute and the North Carolina Research Campus to study and teach the benefits of a plant-based diet to promote health and prevent disease.
At 86, Murdock lives an active life.  His secret is a recipe for longevity:

large quantities of fruit and vegetables, plus an hour of daily exercise.

His fish-vegetarian diet incorporates 30 to 40 kinds of fruit and vegetables every week, much of it consumed through juicing.

Research at the North Carolina Research Campus is aided by an unusual apparatus — a two-story, 950 megahertz, 8-ton superconducting magnet. It is reputedly the largest and most powerful magnet in the world and facilitates the examination of both plant and human cells at the most minute level.

The research of Murdock’s institutes points to these following 33 foods as some of the best you can eat for health, vitality and longevity; in effect, a recipe for longevity.

Here’s a 5-step process that I hope you’ll find both worthwhile and “doable”:

  1. Scan the list below and pat yourself on the back for those foods you regularly eat,
  2. Choose three new to you that you can commit to adding to your diet.
  3. Select one of the three that you will buy and eat thrice over the next seven days.
  4. Then chose the next for seven days and then the third for seven days.
  5. Once these three are routine, go back to the list and choose another three, etc.

If you find that you just can’t get enough veggies into your diet, use a “green” supplement, such as Ultimate Greens.

For the more ambitious, check out my posts, Diet 101 and A Blueprint for Eating Right. And if that’s not enough, flip through the Diet/Nutrition section under “Topics” in the   sidebar on the right-hand side of your computer screen.

“[Change] is hard by the yard, but by the inch, it’s a cinch.”

-Sheree Neese

The Healthiest Foods on Earth

AppleSupports immunityFights lung and prostate cancerLowers Alzheimer’s risk
ArtichokeHelps blood clottingAntioxidant SuperfoodLowers “bad” cholesterol
ArugulaLowers birth defect riskReduces fracture riskProtects eye health
AsparagusNourishes good gut bacteriaProtects against birth defectsPromotes heart health
AvocadoLimits liver damageReduces oral cancer riskLowers cholesterol levels
BananaIncreases Fat BurningLowers risk of colorectal and kidney cancer, leukemiaReduces asthmas symptoms in children
BlackberriesBuild bone densitySuppress appetiteEnhance fat burning
BlueberriesRestore antioxidant levelsReverse age-related brain declinePrevent urinary tract infection
BroccoliReduces diabetic damageLowers risk of prostate, bladder, colon, pancreatic, gastric and breast cancerProtects the brain in event of injury
Butternut SquashSupports night visionCombats wrinklesPromotes heart health
CantaloupeBolsters immunityProtects skin against sunburnReduces inflammation
CarrotsAntioxidants defend DNAFights cataractsProtects against some cancers
CauliflowerStimulates detoxificationSuppresses breast cancer cell growthDefends against prostate cancer
CherriesAlleviate arthritic pain and goutLower “bad” cholesterolReduce inflammation
CranberriesAlleviate prostate painFight lung, colon and leukemia cancer cellsPrevent urinary tract infection
Green CabbagePromotes healthy blood clottingReduces risk of prostate, colon, breast and ovarian cancersActivates the body’s natural detoxification systems
KaleCounters harmful estrogens that can feed cancerProtects eyes against sun damage and cataractsIncreases bone density
KiwiCombats wrinklesLowers blood clot risk and reduces blood lipidsCounters constipation
MangoSupports immunityLowers “bad” cholesterolRegulates homocysteine to protect arteries
MushroomsPromote natural detoxificationReduce the risk of colon and prostate cancerLower blood pressure
OrangeReduces levels of “bad” cholesterolLowers risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, breast and stomach, and childhood leukemiaPectin suppresses appetite
PapayaEnzymes aid digestionReduces risk of lung cancerEnhances fat burning
PineappleSpeeds post-surgeryPromotes joint healthReduces asthma inflammation
Plums & PrunesCounter constipationAntioxidants defend against DNA damageProtects against post-menopausal bone loss
PomegranateEnhances sunscreen protectionLowers “bad” cholesterolFights prostate cancer
PumpkinProtects joints against polyarthritisLowers lung and prostate cancer riskReduces inflammation
RaspberriesInhibit growth of oral, breast, colon and prostate cancersAntioxidant DNA defenseLower “bad” cholesterol levels
Red Bell PepperReduces risk of lung, prostate, ovarian and cervical cancerProtects against sunburnPromotes heart health
SpinachHelps maintain mental sharpnessReduces the risk of cancers of the liver, ovaries, colon and prostateTop nutrient density
StrawberriesProtect against Alzheimer’sReduce “bad” cholesterolSuppress growth of colon, prostate and oral cancer
Sweet PotatoReduces stroke riskLowers cancer riskProtect against blindness
TomatoReduces inflammationLowers risk of developing esophageal, stomach, colorectal, lung and pancreatic cancerReduces cardiovascular disease risk
WatermelonSupports male fertilityReduces risk of several cancers: prostate, ovarian, cervical, oral and pharyngealProtects skin against sunburn


Food is the greatest medicine

Yes, you’ve heard that one before, and it’s true.  And now you have a big list of different foods you can gradually begin to add to your diet. Speaking of which, again, let me urge you to check out two articles that outlines a way of eating that embraces these healthiest foods on earth:

Diet 101, and

A Blueprint for Eating Right.

Hope some of this is useful to you.


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