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The Vitamin Myth — Are Your Vitamins Worthless?

Vitamins are worthless, so say many studies that have formulated the “vitamin myth”. I review the studies, cite contrary evidence, and suggest we combine nutrient dense, antioxidant rich food, along with some vitamins, and call it a day.

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Nine Immune Enhancing, Flu-Busting Supplements You Need Now!

Flu Season is knocking on your door and will knock it down. Fight back with a mighty immune system. These nine supplements will make your body’s defenses strong.

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Look: Your Blood Reveals Your Health

You can’t fix something if you don’t know what’s wrong. The right blood test is easy to do and can give you a bucket full of information about your health. Check out this infographic by WellnessFX, and get the dope on cholesterol, inflammation, thyroid function and vitamin d.

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Supplements and Food that Protect Against Radiation Poisoning

This is a long list of food and supplements that are thought to offer some level of protection against radiation. By and large, these are the very same supplements that are touted to clean and rebuild the body of toxins, as well as provide essential nutrition.

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30 Reasons to Take Vitamin D — Watch

Vitamin D is not new, but many recent studies indicate that it’s a supplement that every body needs. Sunlight is not enough, especially in winter and for people of color and the elderly. Doctors Michael Holick, Leo Galland and Soram Khalsa extol the benefits of Vitamin D.

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Dr. Weil and Kevin Rose Talk Health (Video)

Kevin Rose interviews Dr. Weil. The bottom line on Soda, Energy Drinks, Diary, Soy, Vitamins (esp. Vitamin D), Omega-3, Cell Phone Radiation, Eye Health, Antioxidants, Atkins, Trans Fat, Depression, Exercise, Juice Cleanses and Tea… whew!

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Vitamins and Minerals — The Basics

Why Take Them At All? Supplements reviewed here: Maximum Wellness Formula, Resveratrol, Vitamin D3, Ultimate Greens, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Krill Oil.     Now this is one big catch-all category.  Most everything fits in this “Vitamins and Minerals” category, but there are a few gems that I’d like to point out. First, […]

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The Heart of the Matter

(Check Out The Videos Below) The Essential Thing Is — Heart Disease Is Preventable! OF COURSE you know that it’s pretty darn important to have one, but do you know how your heart works? To the extent that people do, it hasn’t prevented heart disease from being the No. 1 killer of men and women, […]

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