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The Functionally Fit Fast Workout — Back, Glutes and Calves (Part III)

This is Part III of a six-part video-based series on getting functionally fit fast. Functional fitness means being able to lift, pull and move your body through space over time efficiently and injury-free. If you’d like to get strong, muscular, more flexible and improve your cardio, begin with Part I and work your way here. […]

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The Functionally Fit Fast Workout — Strong, Enduring, Mobile (Part I)

The reason you rarely see gym-goers improve their fitness is because they do not do the right exercises with the required effort. If you’d like to get strong, muscular, more flexible and improve your cardio, dig in and watch this six-part series. Part 1 covers the six things a workout should do and ten Guidelines […]

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Three Easy Ways You Can Predict Your Lifespan In 10 Minutes

Take these three tests that are predictive of lifespan right in your own home all by yourself. If you’re overweight and/or out of shape, do yourself a favor and read this post. TYPICALLY, IN order to get a handle of on your mortality you need to go to some medical practitioner who will poke, prod […]

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Six Rules For Injury Free Fitness

The older you get, or the more intensely you exercise, the more important your recovery period becomes. We build muscle and exercise capacity during the rest periods — not while exercising — so rest well and smart.  Here’s my “six rules” for exercising injury free, and what happened to me when I ignored them.  (Video […]

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