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The Four Pillars of A Long and Strong Life

What if you could experience your 90th year with your 50-year old body? If it’s possible, it will take an overhaul of what you think, and what you do.  You must clear six hurdles and construct four pillars upon which your life must unfold.  (Yep.) Note: This is the Introductory article to my FREE four-part […]

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Here’s How Joe Warner Got His 6-Pack in Just 12 Weeks!

Onetime skinny-but-fat Joe Warner exchanged his aerobic routine for some anaerobic intensity and completely transformed his body, losing 17.5 pounds of jiggly and adding 22 pounds of braun.  Here’s how he did it… PAY ENOUGH attention to matters of health and you’ll soon be dazed and confused.  That’s because few things in the health world […]

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Boost Your Human Growth Hormone in 20 Minutes!

Watch Dr. Mercola and exercise physiologist Phil Campbell do a 20-minute exercise protocol that can stimulate your own production of HGH by 771%.  HGH levels and telomere length are indicators of life span and health. MY TITLE headline is compelling: How to Boost Your Human Growth Hormone in 20 Minutes! If I came across that […]

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