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How To Stay Lean Once You Are

Remaining lean once you are lean is more about managing your head than figuring out the lean-making plan. Life will hand you plenty of opportunities to ditch your lean-making habits.  Here’s my perspective. LIKE ANYTHING hard to achieve, getting lean is a process of two steps forward, one back, along a meandering trail that consistently […]

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Six Rules For Injury Free Fitness

The older you get, or the more intensely you exercise, the more important your recovery period becomes. We build muscle and exercise capacity during the rest periods — not while exercising — so rest well and smart.  Here’s my “six rules” for exercising injury free, and what happened to me when I ignored them.  (Video […]

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Here’s How Joe Warner Got His 6-Pack in Just 12 Weeks!

Onetime skinny-but-fat Joe Warner exchanged his aerobic routine for some anaerobic intensity and completely transformed his body, losing 17.5 pounds of jiggly and adding 22 pounds of braun.  Here’s how he did it… PAY ENOUGH attention to matters of health and you’ll soon be dazed and confused.  That’s because few things in the health world […]

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