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Six Rules For Injury Free Fitness

The older you get, or the more intensely you exercise, the more important does the recovery period becomes. We build muscle and exercise capacity during the rest periods, so rest well and smart. Here are my “six rules” for exercising injury free, and what happened to me when I ignored them. (Video)

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Get Strong, Muscular and Mobile (Fast)

The reason you rarely see even a regular gym-goer improve his fitness is because he or she does not do the right exercises with the required effort. If you’d like to get stronger, muscular and mobile, here’s what to do.

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When Injured, Do This

The older you get, the smarter you need to be about fitness and exercise. The potential for injury moves in the same direction as age. Develop a strategy for staying injury free and for healing once injured. You’ll be well served to employ the tools, techniques and the flexibility of mind to shift to less intense or rehabilitative exercise.

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