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144 Kids Die from H1N1 — Tamiflu Stockpile Released

Now this headline is a shocker, intentionally so, because it sets up a perspective that I wish to examine. If your child is among the 144, nothing else matters, particularly context. To everyone else, what’s most disturbing in the headline isn’t the number of deaths, per se, but the mystery.  The unpredictability.  After all, if […]

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Vaccine Supplies, Vaccine Holdouts, Supplements, Big Money and World Domination

Let’s Just Call This A Swine Flu Update HERE, MY attempt is to grab a few H1N1 stories that are indicative of those being told in newspapers, video and the Internet.  There’s something for everyone — for the adamant denier that there’s anything to worry about, and hypochondriac alike. Though I present various opinions, I […]

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Can You Wash Away H1N1?

Washing Your Hands Can Help! ONE OF the most powerful weapons against the new H1N1 (“Swine”) virus is summed up in a three-word phrase you first heard from your mother: wash your hands! Tara Parker-Pope’s article in the New York Times gets into the science of clean hands.  The statistics are revealing, one of the […]

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