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Will Your Belly Fat Cause Cancer?

Since in America, 2/3rds of us are overweight, this information about the greatest danger caused by being fat is both urgent and important for us to know and contemplate. Learn what excess fat can do and how to minimize the risks.

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Nine Reasons to Drink Green Tea (and limit coffee)

Green tea is a wonderful thing. It can help you lose fat, particularly belly fat (the dangerous kind), as well as increase antioxidant levels. Moreover, if you substitute green tea for coffee, you’ll reduce stress by eliminating the cortisol levels that caffeinated coffee produces.

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How Sugary Is Your Blood?

Keep The Glucose Spikes Outta Your Blood I GUESS it could be said (cause I’m about to say it) that a good diet is one that accounts for blood sugar (aka “glucose”) control.  Controlling blood sugar via your diet necessitates understanding how the carbohydrates you eat effect your blood sugar. Enter the Glycemic Index (“GI”).

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Power Up Your Immune System

Supplements reviewed here: Olive Leaf Extract ,Host Defense Mushroom Extract, ProBoost Thymic Protein A, Green Tea Mega EGCG and ImmPower ™ AHCC® [For an explanation of 1 thru 6 in the illustration, go here.]   AS I’VE remarked several times on this blog, many supplements benefit the body in several ways. In fact, rare is it […]

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