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Choose Your Detox Cleanse: One Of These Three Will Work For You!

How ‘bout kicking off the New Year with a detox cleanse? Here are three, the first being brain-dead simple, the second just simple, and the third requiring you to dip deep. Watch the Videos. Cleanse on!

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Six Simple Solutions to Rid Yourself of Inflammation

It’s hard to beat inflammation. As we age, most of us get more of it, and chronic inflammation is a known precursor to many age-related, debilitating diseases. Here are your solutions to inflammation.

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Boost Your Human Growth Hormone in 20 Minutes!

Watch Dr. Mercol and exercise physiologist Phil Campbell do a 20-minute exercise protocol that can boost your own production of HGH by 771%. HGH levels and telomere length are indicators of life span and health.

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Five Diet and Exercise Myths that Need to Die

Here’s the myths: 1) Long Cardio Workouts are the Key to Weight Loss; 2) Diet and Exercise are Equal When it Comes to Losing Weight; 3) It Doesn’t Matter What Time of Day You Exercise; 4) Diet Foods Will Help You Lose Weight; 5) You’re Destined to Gain Weight as You Get Older. These are myths that need to die!

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Your Brain on the Cell Phone — Watch Dr. Mercola

47 people were tested, each with a cell phone at each ear. After 50 minutes, brain scans showed increased consumption of glucose (sugar) in areas of the brain near the phone. Dr. Mercola discussed the effects of cell phone radiation on the brain, and preventing this with Blue Tube cell phone headsets. Watch.

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Are You Getting Fat and Sick from Sugar?

Sugar can kill, especially if it’s high-fructose corn syrup. It’s in everything that comes in a can, bottle or box, and it will make you fat and unhealthy. One problem with it is that all of it has to be metabolized by the liver, so it can fatten the liver and lead to disease.

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