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My Blood Sugar Numbers Dumbfound Me. Truely.

Dr. Mark Hyman calls it an epidemic. Blood sugar that’s out of control is turning the people of this nation into pre-diabetics, most having no clue that they’re on the path to becoming diabetic. Is it possible, that despite all the healthy things I do, that I’m on that path too? Are you?

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The Diabesity Epidemic – It May Be Coming to You

Have you heard of “diabesity”? Well, your doctor hasn’t either, and yet you have a 50% chance of having it. Here’s what it is, 7 warning signs, and a discussion of how nuts can help.

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The Seriously Serious Problems of Obesity. Intro: Part 1 of 5

In this Part 1 of 5: Four Reasons to Reinvent Yourself This is one part of a five-part series about the many chronic and debilitating health issues connected to obesity.  Please scroll to the bottom of this post for the list (and links) to the other posts in this series. I DOUBT if you’d be […]

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How Sugary Is Your Blood?

Keep The Glucose Spikes Outta Your Blood I GUESS it could be said (cause I’m about to say it) that a good diet is one that accounts for blood sugar (aka “glucose”) control.  Controlling blood sugar via your diet necessitates understanding how the carbohydrates you eat effect your blood sugar. Enter the Glycemic Index (“GI”).

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