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Tips for Holiday Eating and Being

WITH CHRISTMAS looming (tomorrow), and New Years arriving soon thereafter, I want to post something that might be useful given the activities associated with this holiday event.  Since we tend to overindulge during the holidays, I thought that some tips to be more food-discreet at the table would be good. But, thing is, I already […]

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8 Remedies to Combat Overindulgence

When heartburn, indigestion, bloating and inflammation come knocking, try some of these eight remedies. YESTERDAY WAS Thanksgiving.  Odds are, you over indulged; after all, that’s kinda what Thanksgiving has become – an opportunity to feast unrepentantly at the table of abundance. Some of us will spend a few minutes reflecting on everything we should be […]

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Medical Experts’ 11 Thanksgiving Health Tips

I bet at least three of these tips will resonate with you! ON THE Huffington Post, I just read an article where medical experts share their Thanksgiving health tips. Doctors and health experts David Katz, Michael Roizen, Janet Taylor, Erin Marcus, Patricia Fitzgerald and Dean Ornish all submitted suggestions to help your Thanksgiving be more […]

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Dr. Hyman: 4 Supplements That Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

Watch the video below and learn about the four very important nutritional supplements that all of us should be using. RECENT RESEARCH from the Lewin Group has shown that spending pennies a day on a few key nutritional supplements can significantly reduce sickness and chronic disease, resulting in a substantial decrease in healthcare costs. This […]

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