Can You Improve Your Health By Drinking Marijuna Juice?

I juice nearly every day, but never considered adding marijuana to the recipe. There is, however, much evidence to show that juicing raw cannabis can dramatically help relieve many chronic health issues, and add a strong layer of prevention.

Juice Your Raw Marijuna

YOU’VE UNDOUBTEDLY heard about smoking marijuana and baking marijuana into brownies and cookies – even making harsh oil from marijuanabut have you ever heard of, or considered juicing marijuana leaves?

Seriously. Just like juicing cucumber, kale, celery, carrots, apples and the like… add to the mix, marijuana!

This was news to me. And as I read about it and watched videos about it, I marveled at what might be the health benefits of juicing cannabis (marijuana).

Dr. William Courtney has extensively researched ingesting raw cannabis via juicing, says it’s a vegetable, and cites several benefits, such as helping with:

- Inflammation
- Diabetes
- Free radicals
- Cancer
- Arthritis
- Lupus
- Hypothyroidism
- Infection
- Asthma

Obviously there are challenges to juicing cannabis. There are the obvious legal hurdles to grow or buy it. And there’s the issue of quantity.

If you juice cannabis, you need a lot more of it than if you use it heated, either smoking it or baking it, or making an oil of it. Depending on the size, you may need half a plant per day.

In case you’re wondering how anybody could function ingesting that much marijuana, know that when you ingest it raw, cannabis has no psychotropic effect; meaning, you don’t get high.

Only by heating marijuana does it become able to get you “high”.

There are serious people investigating the juicing of marijuana, and so I believe we’ll be hearing more about it in the near future.

Curious? If so, view the three videos below.

These first two are mainly centered on the work of Dr. Courtney and the benefits of juicing cannabis that accrued to one particular patient who had a long litany of chronic ailments.

In the third video below, the history of marijuana in this country, including efforts to both suppress and extol its medicinal value, is reviewed in the PBS documentary called Clearing the Smoke, The Science of Cannabis.

I found it enlightening to learn about all the traditionally trained medical doctors advocating the use of medical marijuana, as well as the intimate portraits of those patients who have been helped.

Watch Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis on PBS. See more from KUSM.

For more information about juicing marijuana, check out the Cannabis International Foundation website. As it says on the home page:

“Here you’ll find peer-reviewed scientific articles about the latest research, updates on Cannabis’ ever-changing legal status in the US and elsewhere, interviews with important figures, practical advice for using Dietary Cannabis, Global Intellectual Property pertaining to cannabis, self directed internet study courses ranging from 30 minutes to 300 hours.”

A personal note: I don’t use marijuana in any of its various forms, nor do I consider myself an advocate of it. But I must say that I smell a skunk when it comes to this topic; meaning, I believe there are purely political and economic factors that override common sense when it comes to medical marijuana.”

My 2 cents. What’s yours? Let us know in the Comments section

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Joe Garma

I help people live with more vitality and strength. I'm a big believer in sustainability, and am a bit nutty about optimizing my diet, supplements, hormones and exercise. To get exclusive Updates, tips and free stuff, join my weekly newsletter.

  • DentalAccountant

    Oh this is awesome! I can’t believe that marijuana can also be process as a juice and also have benefits. Who first discover this?

  • Joe

     Don’t know… probably some caveman who stomped through a marijuana field, noticed his feet covered in squishy juice, and drank some.

  • Dana

    Great post, Joe! I’ve never understood why it was illegal in the first place. Alcohol is so much more dangerous in it’s affects. I’ve seen so many families torn apart by alcoholism… never by marijuana use. 

    You’ve got me thinking about trying it for my inflammation and autoimmune deficiencies brought on by diabetes. Definitely food for thought.

  • Joe

     Good luck getting sufficient supply, Dana, as one uses much, much more of it when juicing than when used to get “high”.

  • Anonymous

    “how anybody could function ingesting that much marijuana, know that when you ingest it raw, cannabis has no psychotropic effect”

    Not true.  Any absence of euphoria is due to the very low THC content of leaves, the fact that cannabinoids are not water-soluble and higher-potency cannabis would not be wasted on this effort.  Furthermore, the decreased efficacy of orally-ingested would further decrease any psychotropic effect.

    Don’t try drinking cannabis leaf juice and then taking a a drug screen, you’ll flunk it even if you never felt a perceptible buzz.  Even so, if you drink enough of it from high-potency strains, you will likely catch at least a small buzz.

  • Joe

    Geez, is there anything about which there’s no controversy? I have no experience with drinking marijuna juice, but obviously thought it interesting enough to write about, and in this post presented the assertions of the medical researchers that are examining the benefits.


    Raw cannabis contains THCA and CBDA, ineffective alkaloids. They must be heated to produce THC and CBD, which in turn produces the “high.” 

  • Alyx

    Dietary Cannabis Juicing, Sprouting and Non-psychoactive Cannabinoid Dosing info from Dr. William Courtney at

  • sammy wight

    Good Article. The expense of Leaves to do this daily would be astronomical, even if you grew enough for yourself the volume would be unsustainable for cost. Yes, leaves mixed in an 18 oz. Brownie Mix, approximately 1 oz leaves, and used as an edible, produces a relaxing body therapy to aid with those with Chronic pain conditions such a Degenerative Spinal joints, Degenerative and Arthritic knees, and so on. The point is, it does work for those unable to take “Opiates” due to ALLERGIC reactions. I am one of those allergic to Codeine, Morphine and so on. They cause a Blinding headache, projectile vomiting, Diarrhea, and other yuck. Point is, Cannabis edibles calm, relax, and ease pain. All the folks that are Allergic to Codeine should UNITE and seek a platform to have their concerns heard by their Representatives and gain support for Medical Cannabis Edibles for those with allergies to pain meds. And maybe this will prod them to support RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT to arrive at a pain med that can be taken by those allergic to codeine. Imagine Pain Meds strong enough to quell pain just like codeine does ?

  • Joe

    Yes, the price would be prohibitive for juicing the leaves. I do know about a couple of people growing w/ licenses for their own consumption. They have enough for part of the year, but not winter months. Some people make an oil from it, “hash oil”, and take just a drop or two each day, but unlike consuming the leaf raw, when you heat it you have to deal with the psychotropic effects.