Get Lean And Strong With Dr. Hyman’s Metabolic Boosters

Here’s a simple prescription for how to eat to maintain or regain your health, written by the esteemed Dr. Mark Hyman.  Certainly worth a quick look.

I’M IN Santa Barbara for a series of meetings and to hang with friends, so time is short for posting this week.

Allow me, then, to take the easy way out and share Dr. Mark Hyman’s newsletter emailed to me today.

We all face conflicting and confusing diet choices and wonder which one is the best, or at least the best for us.  Yes, it can get complicated, but it need not be.  Simply do this (As reprinted from Dr. Hyman’s August 1, 2011 newsletter email):


Get rid of Metabolism blockers:

-Don’t drink your calories (no juice, soda or alcohol).

-UNJUNK your diet (no high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, colors and MSG).

-Eliminate inflammatory foods (gluten and dairy) for 2-3 weeks and see how you feel.  <!–more–>

-Add Metabolism boosters:

-Eat real food (veggies, fruit, beans, nuts, seeds, lean animal protein, small amounts of gluten free grains – black rice, quinoa).

-Bulk up on crunchy veggies (broccoli, asparagus, artichokes, green beans, leafy greens, etc.).

-Power up with Protein: Eat protein with each meal (eggs, chicken, fish, nuts, seeds).

-Get an oil change: Speed up your metabolism with good fat including olive oil, small wild fish like sardines and salmon, and extra virgin coconut oil — My favorite is Artisina.

-Add sugar buster fibers called PGX.  You can also get it from special noodles called Shirataki made from Konjac root.  PGX is a great source of Glucomannan. -Take it 15 minutes before meals.  It slows absorption of sugar and fat and lowers insulin levels and helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol and cuts your cravings and appetite and helps with weight loss.

-Grease up the wheels of your metabolism with Supplements.  Take a good multivitamin, fish oil and vitamin D every day.  If you have blood sugar concerns take this quiz and understand your particular supplementation needs.

-Shake the weight off – start the day with morning protein shake – see recipe below the video.

To your good health.

Mark Hyman, MD


Some Pointers

OK, Joe back in the saddle to make a few suggestions…

1. Water – Get used to it, and drink a lot of it throughout the day.  Often thirst is masked as hunger.  Add a squeeze of lemon to make it more enjoyable (if you like lemon), which also makes it more cleansing.

2. Inflammation – It’s now recognized as one of the most common precursors to many degenerative diseases.  Along with eliminating inflammation-causing foods, add inflammation fighting supplements such as Curcumin.

3. Protein – When you don’t know where to turn for protein, use a high quality protein powder.  That way you can ensure that even when eating snacks, you can get some protein along with the carbs and fats.

OK, ciao for now.

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